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A happy, thriving community that embraces opportunities, celebrates the natural environment and is proud of its Indigenous identity

Foundation Paatu Palumeu

Pesiphë Padoe.

Stichter van de Stichting Paatu Palumeu


Captain of Palumeu and founder of the Paatu Palumeu Foundation.

Feeling the necessity to take the future of our community in our own hands, The Paatu Palumeu Foundation was founded in  2019 by Captain Pesiphë Padoe.

The goals of the foundation are to bring sustainable development to the Wayana and Trio community located in Palumeu. By capacity building, developing management skills, managing project in the community and provide training.

The Paatu Palumeu works closely with the umbrella foundation Mulokot. The projects are carried out in consultation with Mulokot and the Wayana community.

The Paatu Palumeu  foundation is the legal and the executive branch of the village leaders. They advise and coordinate project and plans for the development of the Wayana and Trio community.

Espanyo Achki


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Espanyo Achki is the chairman of the Paatu-Palumeu foundation. The disturbing environmental and habitat developments of the inhabitants of Palumeu have prompted Espanyo to act. He is committed to a better future for the residents of Palumeu with great energy.

In addition to his work in the foundation, he is also a very professional guide. Espanyo takes tourists on adventurous trips such as  the mysterious Kasikasima mountain. He also knows everything about the flora and fauna of this beautiful unspoilt area where the Trio and Wayanas have lived for many years.

As chairman, Espanyo ensures that various projects can be developed for Palumeu and its residents. Espanyo is the representative of Palumeu and is the connecting link between his community and the different organizations.

Brayen Pakome



Brayen Pakome is the treasurer and takes care of the finances of the foundation. His work consists of managing the financial administration, donations.

Repiejan Pakome



Repiejan Pakome is the secretary of the foundation. Repiejan maintains the correspondence and administration for the Patu Palumeu foundation.

Team Foundation Paatu Palumeu

Sandra Geneviève Deira

Advisory Project manager

Sandra Deira

Sandra's activities are diverse: in addition to building and maintaining the Paatu Palumeu website, she is responsible for fundraising, project management and acts as advisor for the various projects.

She uses the knowledge and experience she has gained at various corporate organizations and her own company for the Paatu Palumeu Foundation.

Women and young people in particular have a special place in her heart. Youth is the future and by helping them with a healthy environment and education they get a prosperous and sustainable future!

Life in Palumeu

With your support, the residents of Palumeu can achieve their goals

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