Covid-19 has great impact for Palumeu.

In January, the first reports of a new virus, the Covid 19 / Coronavirus reach us, in a short time there is a pandemic and many countries are going into lockdown. On March 13, 2020 the first contamination of Covid-19 in Suriname is a fact and the effects are immediately felt for the indigenous villages, including Palumeu. Suriname closes her airspace on March 15 and the subsequent measures have direct consequences for the lives of the Wayana indigenous people. 

For Palumeu this means limited food, but especially no tourists, so no income. The tourist organization Mets stops the tours and the people who work for Mets, including the various guides, no longer have any income. For the residents of Palumeu, uncertain times have arrived, the question is how long this situation will last and how the 85 families should get through these months. From the government tere is barely or no support. Fortunately there are organizations and people who provide support.

The Mulokot Foundation provides a campaign on prevention and measures against the Corona virus in the Wayana language. The Wayana communities are especially vulnerable because medical care is very minimal. Mulokot who works closely with the Paatu-Palumeu Foundation and the Foundation Piya Pïlëuimë provides transportation and goods for the native villages. Food parcels and goods are sent to Palumeu with the support of various organizations and donors.

The Wayana community take care of each other and are strong together. Let us hope that there will be no infections and that we will soon be able to leave this crisis behind.

Palumeu voedselverdeling
3 Voedselverdeling Palumeu 21mei 2020
1 Voedselverdeling Palumeu 21mei 2020

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