Covid-19 and the failed cassava harvest.

The Covid-19 measures ensure that few or no domestic flights are carried out. The Mulokot foundation, together with various donors, ensures that the various indigenous villages receive a food package. Fortunately, the residents of Palumeu were also able to get food through the crops (cassava), fishing and hunting.

What no one expected was that the cassava harvest had failed, a complete disaster for the 85 families of Palumeu.

In addition to fish and wild meat, cassava is an important crop for the indigenous people, an important part of the daily diet. In the agricultural plots, cassava is grown and harvested for the families of Palumeu. The cause of the loss of the cassava harvest is the carrier ant, in addition, it is now the rainy season that the harvest does not benefit.

At the same time, we must note that a number of other aspects are involved. In addition to the weather influences, the one-sided use of the agricultural plots and the cultivation of the same crops, which is not conducive to land use, the traditional method "slash and burn" also places an increasing burden on the ecosystem of the rainforest.

For the long term, other farming methods and other crops need to be grown. There are plans to develop an agricultural project in Palumeu together with the Mulokot Foundation. Mulokot, together with Foundations of Farming in Suriname, has been working on a project called Epïmatop for some time.

Unfortunately, due to Covid19 everything is standing still and we will have to wait a while before starting this project.
Now that we see how necessary the food supply and agriculture are, we will try to gather the necessary funding and know-how for this. It is essential that the residents of Palumeu grow the crops themselves, this will increase self-confidence and no longer depend on third parties.

For now it is important that the residents of Palumeu get through this period healthy and well and that the Covid-19 virus does not reach the village.

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